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At Vitesse Solutions, we understand that there is a world of difference between theoretical Knowledge Management solutions and effective solutions that deliver tangible business benefits. Vitesse Solutions has the real world experience to understand what it takes for companies to make complex changes when implementing a Knowledge Sharing culture. We also understand where critical mistakes can be made. How often are we exposed to the latest, unproven KM theories and technologies, only to find out that these "leading-edge", high-priced experiments within our organizations do not deliver results? While we strongly support theoretical research on Knowledge Management as well as advancements in technology, we think experiments are better left in the laboratory! Hard-earned, business impactful experience is irreplaceable. Vitesse Solutions has acquired deep, hands-on experience by helping global organizations address some of their biggest challenges through workable, results-oriented and sustainable Knowledge Management processes, systems, and culture.

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Vitesse Solutions

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