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We can Transfer Videos and/or DVDs to Your Hard Drive

Transfer to DVD or Hard Drive
Video Transfer(s) to DVD or Customer Supplied Hard Drive (PC). Each source video will be transferred to it's own DVD or Video File. Includes up to 2 hours of transfer time per videotape or dvd.

Quantity Discount Pricing for Videotape to Hard Drive or DVD
1 transfer or more = $20/per
5 transfers or more = $16/per
10 transfers or more = $14/per
20 transfers or more = $12/per
50 transfers or more = $10/per

After your videos are transferred to a hard drive, we recommend that you organize and upload your video files to a secure cloud service, such as dropbox, google drive, youtube, or icloud. If requested, add $1 per disc for basic text printing. DVD Duplication(s) as low as $2/per copy. If necessary, we are always happy to help you edit/organize your video files for an additional fee of $80/per labor hour.

DVD/CD Disc Duplication(s) = $10/per
Includes; duplication & white paper sleeve or spindle
Add $1.00 per disc for text, photos, logos, and/or graphics on your disc(s)
Add $1.00 per disc for clear plastic clam shell(s). Call for other packaging options.

Quantity Discount Pricing for Duplications
4 or more = $8.00 per dvd or cd
10 or more = $5.00 per dvd or cd
100 or more = $2.00 per dvd or cd

Contact us for high volume replication & packaging!

SD Cards to Playable DVD = $40/per card
The fee includes transfer of electronic information from SD card(s) to DVD

Other Services
Slides and/or Photos Transferred as at JPG to CD or DVD = $1.50 per
8mm Film transferred to DVD = .30 cents per foot of film + $2/per reel
Basic Editing, Capturing, Encoding, & Customer Support = $ 80/hr
Corporate Video Design, Graphics, Software, & Programming = $120/hr

Contact us for special pricing or quantity discounts anytime.

What they're saying ...

Your efficiency and quality exceeded my expectations.... video my grandkids took 10 years ago (without adult supervision)turned out to be a wonderful Christmas gift for them to view down through the years. We had never even seen more than just a couple minutes of it before and it was a real walk down memory lane for US too. Read More

Karen Yoder