A Friend of Kalamazoo!

Community Involvement

Absolute Video & Multimedia has a strong committment to the Kalamazoo community.  We are proud of our relationships with the many worthwhile charities that help support Kalamazoo.  It is important that each of us offer time and/or money to those whose passion is help our fellow brothers and sisters.  We donate funds and provide in-kind services to a wide variety of charities as often as possible.  We encourage our employees to open their hearts and welcome the oppotunities offered by those who work so hard to make Kalamazoo a better place.  Please understand that we continuously support a wide variety of charitable organizations.  As a family owned business, we also need to make money so that we can support our families, provide employment, and create more opportunity in the region.  If we say "no" to your request, please give us another chance down the road.  Thank you for doing what you do!  You make Kalamazoo a great place to live and raise a family.

Your Kalamazoo based 501c3 non profit organizations may qualify for discount pricing.

What they're saying ...

Your efficiency and quality exceeded my expectations.... video my grandkids took 10 years ago (without adult supervision)turned out to be a wonderful Christmas gift for them to view down through the years. We had never even seen more than just a couple minutes of it before and it was a real walk down memory lane for US too. Read More

Karen Yoder